The fact we have created our own Safety Management System (SMS) guarantees the safety of each and every one of HELISTAR SAS’s operations. The SMS is also our commitment to constant improvement and for that reason it covers every level of our company, from management to base employees.

HELISTAR SAS’s safety policy also includes personnel qualified to investigate any incident, thereby discovering the root cause, tracking it and ensuring an action plan is generated to prevent its repetition.

HELISTAR SAS also has a unique management platform designed for the company that generates reports allowing us to monitor any episode that occurs.

Our operational safety includes an Emergency Response Plan, Integrated Operations Centre and simulations to identify shortcomings, which demonstrates our commitment and the importance HELISTAR SAS places on the safety and implicit responsibility for each and every client.

At HELISTAR SAS we believe that safety should be inherent to all air operations.

Company Policy (Operational Safety)

Operational Safety is the number one priority in all of HELISTAR SAS’s activities, with senior management’s implicit commitment to apply and continuously improve strategies, processes, non-punitive reporting and other management systems to ensure the highest level of efficiency in the operational safety of all our aviation activities and comply with national and international standards.

Our commitment is:

  • To improve the culture of Operational Safety in which the importance and value of Operational Safety management is recognised, promoting a culture of mandatory, anonymous and voluntary reports.
  • To ensure the products and services administered by other clients or providers comply with or improve upon the highest standards of Operational Safety established by HELISTAR SAS.
  • To strengthen and improve upon the standards and legal requirements that govern the Operational Safety System.
  • To define, in the clearest way possible, the line of accountability, duties and responsibilities for every member of staff in order to achieve the greatest Operational Safety efficiency within HELISTAR SAS.
  • To ensure the availability in Operational Safety of competent human resources.
  • To ensure that all HELISTAR SAS employees have adequate and appropriate training regarding Operational Safety and that they are competent according to their level of responsibility.
  • To guarantee the allocation of the resources necessary to maintain and improve the Operational Safety System.
  • To measure the achievements of Operational Safety in order to determine the fulfilment of the system’s goals and objectives through management indicators including a hazard reporting system with the aim of mitigating risks to the lowest reasonably practical point (ALARP).
  • To guarantee non-punitive reports, based on a fair culture in which parties understand what behaviour is acceptable or unacceptable, without generating legal action or disciplinary sanctions against the person who reports, either through obligation or voluntarily, any unsafe condition in a printed format (physical or email) or crews engaged in non-standard procedure that is evidenced as the result of the analysis of reports or the information downloaded by the FDR and CVR equipment installed in our aircraft. If a deliberate illegal act, negligence or violation of standards, rules or procedures occurs that endangers the integrity of people or aircraft the competent authority shall determine the actions to be undertaken under the provisions of the law.
  • To ensure the confidentiality of the information obtained during the development of its processes.
  • To maintain and improve the risk management system that covers the fatigue associated with flight and cabin operations, maintenance and service time (FRMS)

Version dated October 30, 2015

Giovany Gómez Aristizábal

General Manager

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