HELISTAR SAS excels in the domestic market for being an innovative company, a value that has allowed us to excel across Latin America too. We follow the highest standards of quality and guarantee excellence in our provision of air transport services in Colombia.

HELISTAR SAS’s Management System ensures the constant improvement of our company’s most representative values and those that have the greatest impact upon our clients:

  • The safety of our every operation
  • The quality of our service
  • The occupational health and safety of every worker
  • Care of the environment
  • Corporate social responsibility

To learn more about the objectives and rationale of HELISTAR SAS’s Management System, please review the following document.

Company Policy (Management Systems)

As an air service company providing non-regular public transport (air taxi) HELISTAR SAS is committed to the continuous improvement of its Management Systems in line with its objectives and corporate goals, by seeking the effective and efficient management of all processes related to quality of service, occupational health and safety, the environment and social responsibility.

As a result, HELISTAR SAS, publicly declares as mandatory conditions:

  • Compliance with the client’s requirements and needs (internal and external)
  • Legal requirements and other applicable requirements aimed at prevention.
  • The protection of the environment.
  • The community’s wellbeing.
  • Focus on a safe operation.

Every person directly or indirectly involved with the organisation is RESPONSIBLE for developing, improving and maintaining Management Systems.

HELISTAR SAS designates the human, physical, financial and technological resources required by the integrated management system, and therefore:

  • We work with our employees, contractors, sub-contractors, providers, visitors, interested parties and advisors in order to meet our client’s needs and expectations.
  • We protect our personnel and offer them a greater degree of physical, mental and social well-being.
  • We prevent the occurrence of occupational illness, workplace accidents, damage to property and environmental impact in relation to our risks, aspects of our business and significant impacts.
  • We mitigate the significant negative impacts that we cannot completely control, protecting the health and integrity of our personnel.
  • We continually improve the Management System as a tool of excellence, guaranteeing channels of communication and reinforcing competency mechanisms.
  • We identify new opportunities for improvement based on the analysis of every process.
  • We comply with current legal regulations and other requirements applicable to our social objective.
  • We identify hazards, we evaluate and we control risks and we disclose to our employees and interested parties the risks prioritised in accordance with our Risks and Hazards Matrix, such as those associated with Operational Safety, noise, biomechanics and chemical risks, including our significant environmental impact such as atmospheric admissions and waste generation.

Version dated December 9, 2015

Giovany Gómez Aristizábal

General Manager

At HELISTAR SAS we understand that quality is a process of constant improvement to which we are very much committed.

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