Safety is HELISTAR SAS’s number one asset and is reflected in every process of our company as part of our on-going mission to provide the best air transport service possible.

According to which regulations does HELISTAR SAS operate?

  • OACI (Anexo 6 - 2.4).
  • Document 9859 an/460 rev. 2 (OACI SMS).
  • SMS, OGP (Aircraft Management Guidelines).
  • Document ATO-s 2006 (FAA).
  • Aircraft Operations (R.A.C)
  • RAC Chapter 22 (UAEAC RAC diciembre 30 200922 SMS seguridad operacional).
  • RAC (Chapter 3 inc. 6).
  • The Company’s Manual - SMS Program.
  • OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System).

At HELISTAR SAS we guarantee you a service provision with the highest safety standards. Fly with us!