When you contract HELISTAR SAS’s passenger air transport service you have the opportunity to choose the aircraft that best suits your needs from a complete portfolio aimed at private and corporate air transport. We will comply with your request, from the movement of passengers on local operational missions to long-haul VIP flights

We have Falcon 2000s, Hawker 900 XP and Beechcraft 350 Turboprop jets, configured for VIP flights which allow local or international flights to be undertaken with convenience, comfort and security at our client’s altitude. 

Our diverse fleet of helicopters allows us to transport up to 24 passengers in the Russian-made MI aircraft or take VIP flights in the comfortable cabins of the Augusta AW139, Airbus EC145 and Bell 412.

On HELISTAR SAS’s aircraft we transport passengers with different services, including charter flights, VIP flights, cartography, aerial photography, reconnaissance and aerial surveillance, the transport of operations’ personnel to hard to reach areas, support for off-shore operations and medical air evacuations, among others.

HELISTAR SAS’s aircraft offer quiet and spacious cabins that allow you to enjoy a safe flight. We also have aircraft equipped with modern navigation systems and configured for night flying and flights by instruments, allowing for the planning and support of operations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In HELISTAR SAS we implement a comprehensive safety management policy for the provision of every air service with the aim of ensuring quality and excellence, which is why we operate a “zero accidents, zero incidents” philosophy. We are focused on being responsible air navigators, which is why we raise operational safety awareness and have established a culture of operational safety. It is therefore possible to anticipate risks and strengthen our commitment to each and every one of our clients.

The professionalism, training and formation of HELISTAR SAS’s crews and technical personnel offers you security and confidence in their fulfilment of your needs and requirements, supported by a robust Safety Management System (SMS) in strict compliance with FAA regulations and international standards.

We are committed to providing an air transport service that meets the highest standards of safety and customer service. Fly with us!