Since 2010, HELISTAR SAS has been developing off-shore operations in the Colombian Caribbean Sea, offering air transport support to different international petroleum industry companies in exploration, drilling and seismic projects.

HELISTAR SAS’s aircraft are available for off-shore configuration and comply with all of the requirements established by the International Oil and Gas Producers Organisation (IOGP) standards and protocols. The modern fleet of AW139 helicopters have a state-of-the-art navigation system, automatic pilot and are configured to undertake flights by instruments (IFR) and night flights and have a spacious and comfortable cabin and a full off-shore configuration that guarantees a safe and comfortable flight.

Besides the AW 139 aircraft, HELISTAR SAS has Bell 412 and EC 145 aircraft available in off-shore configuration, increasing the options to cover all necessities according to the number of passengers, cargo and distance range that our clients need to cover in their off-shore operations.

All of our aircraft and crew are certified to undertake night flights and flights by instruments within the rules.

Off-shore Aircraft
BELL 412
BK 117 C-2
Hawker 900
FALCON 2000s

Onboard emergency and survival equipment

Following the guidelines established in the IOGP guide, our aircraft contain the emergency and survival equipment on board to guarantee the safety of both crew and passengers, including but not limited to life vests, personal locator beacons (PLB) for individual allocation to each passenger, life rafts and air rescue kits (ARK)

All of our company aircraft are equipped with the SKYTRAC system, which satellite tracks the current location of each aircraft. The SKYTRAC system allows satellite telephone communication and is used for communications during the air operation or in the event of an emergency.

Our crews have extensive experience in sea operations, including the procedures for marine platforms and helidecks on moving ships, night flights and IFR. Our pilots have a minimum 5,000 flying hours in which at least 10 per cent have been in off-shore operations. The constant training of our pilots through our flight simulation by equipment simulators and the annual aircraft flight simulator program ensures we maintain the ideal level of efficiency to undertake operations in a safe way with the minimum level of risk.

HELISTAR SAS is a company committed to its clients. We can provide an off-shore operations service with trained crews and aircraft equipped for IFR flights (flights by instrument) at any time.

Our experience and the quality of the air transport services we provide has turned us into your greatest ally, including over the ocean. Contact us to find a solution to all of your off-shore air transport needs.