HELISTAR SAS, as a leading non-regular air transport services company in Colombia, has a firefighting service within its portfolio with aircraft available that are configured and equipped with the Bambi Bucket device.

The range of equipment we use for firefighting operations guarantees the operation’s coverage in different topographical conditions, altitudes and winds, emergencies in which we can discharge up to 8,000 litres of water with the Bambi Bucket device.

  • MI 171
  • Bell 412
  • EC 145
  • Bell 212

Entrenamiento de tripulaciones

Crew training

The HELISTAR SAS crews that participate in our firefighting missions receive the appropriate training for undertaking such missions, including flight simulation. Their training is focused on methods of water collection, standard procedures, emergency procedures, firefighting methods, terrain and wind conditions, among others, in order to successfully carry out firefighting operations.

HELISTAR SAS has participated in firefighting missions across the country. Thanks to the success of our operations, institutions including the Presidency of the Republic have used our services to fight fires in both the Bogotá hills and other regions across the country. All of our operations were successful and used M1 helicopters with the Bambi Bucket system. That combination excelled in operations in Sardinata, in the north of Santander and in Caño Limón, among others.

We are ready and permanently available in bases in Yopal and Bogota to start operations immediately. We also have the ability and the logistics at HELISTAR to start fightfighting in any area in the country within 24 hours.

At HELISTAR SAS we are committed to firefighting and we have the aerial capacity to undertake incidents of the biggest magnitude. Contact us here!