Our extensive experience at successfully co-ordinating non-regular air transport operations at a national level has turned HELISTAR SAS into a major ally for your company’s interests. The permanent support, the ample availability of our aircraft and our highly-trained and qualified personnel ensure our clients receive a quality service, with aircraft that has all the latest technology and state-of-the-art navigation and security systems. HELISTAR SAS has a modern and extensive fleet including medium and heavy twin-engine helicopters, jets and turboprops.
HELISTAR SAS offers air transport services to fulfil your every need:

Our experience includes:

  • The transportation of goods and passengers for companies in the hydrocarbon sector.
  • The transportation of internal and external cargo in seismic operations.
  • Offshore flights for the exploration and excavation of the Colombian Caribbean Sea.
  • Fire extinguishing using the Bambi Bucket
  • Humanitarian aid flights following natural disasters and for the International Red Cross.
  • The transportation of heavy goods to places that are hard to reach thanks to their geographic characteristics.
  • Charter flights.
  • Service and attention for charter flights in our role as an FBO (Fixed Base Operator)
  • Long-distance flights with the latest generation of aircraft.


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The safety of air operations is the pillar on which HELISTAR SAS is built, based on the Safety Management System (SMS) certified by Colombia Civil Aeronautics and audited by the biggest multi-national companies. The SMS complies with the highest industry standards and promotes a compliance culture to ensure adequate hazard identification and risk mitigation, adhering to International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards, Civil Aeronautics and IOGP (the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers)

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Talented personnel are fundamental to achieving success in all air operations. Our team are subject to strict training and qualification programs in order to undertake different operations and comply with clients’ demands, as well as undertaking the professional and efficient maintenance of our aircraft.

Our certifications include:



ISO 9001

ISO 140001

OSHAS 18000

SMS (Safety Management System), supported by Aerocivil
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“Generar confianza y seguridad en todas nuestras operaciones aéreas".


“En el año 2018 HELISTAR S.A.S. seguirá siendo reconocida como empresa líder en el sector aéreo colombiano, gracias al compromiso integral con la seguridad en todas nuestras operaciones, la satisfacción del cliente, el bienestar de los trabajadores y el medio ambiente”


  • Respeto por el recurso humano y el medio ambiente.

  • Seguridad en nuestras operaciones.

  • Calidad en nuestros procesos.

  • Lealtad.